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About Sentinel Accounting

Sentinel Management Accounting was established to cater for the growing demand of the SME Sector for management accounting services.
Sean Molan, the Principal of Sentinel Management Accounting, is a qualified Chartered Management Accountant and an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants.
Sean has extensive experience working with SMEs across a number of business sectors in roles including Company Accountant, Commercial Manager, Director and Chief Executive. Working as a Cost Reduction Specialist, Sean worked with over 40 Irish companies to reduce their cost base across a wide range of business expense categories and overheads.
With a combination of industry experience and accounting expertise with cloud-based accounting technologies, Sentinel Management Accounting gives clients the advantage of up-to-the-minute, accurate strategic financial insights essential for making informed business decisions on key areas for business success.

Tax & Statutory Returns

A proactive approach is required for the efficient and compliant payment of tax and filing of annual accounts– although a company needs to understand and manage its obligations, they also must be sure that they are not overpaying and missing out on schemes or programmes designed to support their growth.


Financial metrics provide the key to efficiency and profitability. Financial data highlights where there is an opportunity for a company to maximise its earning and minimise expenditure. It also helps with understanding what parts of the business are profitable and how best to grow.


Managing the day to day finances of a company is time consuming and requires constant attention. It is a fundamental activity to any business and essential to meeting revenue objectives and also plays a key role in identifying issues that may impact on revenue, profitability and liquidity.

Business Development

To grow, a company needs to understand its current position and the possible future directions it can take. Developing a clear strategy that is based on accurate and insightful information provides a clear focus on where the business is going and what is needed to get there.


Technology can greatly assist in the execution and the accuracy of many time-consuming accounting tasks and provides online access to current, accurate information. Leveraging cloud technologies has greatly improved the way in which financial information is recorded, shared and used by the business.

Starting A Business

The early days of a business are crucial and many of the decision made at that point have consequences for years to come. Getting the right advice on setting up a company, processes and procedures will ensure that the right structures are in place to support the business as it grows.

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