Start Ups

Begin with strong financial foundation

Getting the right structures and procedures from the start is the first step to success

Starting a business is a big challenge and there are many things to consider to get a business up and running. From the very early stages of a new business having access to the right experience and skills is important. Going forward this independent professional advice can play a key role in making better finance decisions, keeping the cost under control and growing the business successfully.

This financial information is not just of interest to the company for making informed decisions or dealing with opportunities or challenges effectively – external parties including customers, suppliers, banks or the Revenue could require this information.

Strong Foundation

Deciding on the financial structure of business and getting the most appropriate model set up is important. Understanding what is best for the business will also reduce the risk of problems in the future.

Robust Planning

Developing a plan with financial projections challenges assumptions and asks the questions needed to develop a viable business. The financial focus of this plan helps to manage the business and cash flow and makes for more accurate assumptions when looking to the future.

Smart and Efficient

Having the necessary systems and processes in place can help a business operate efficiently from the very start – saving time and money in the long term.

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